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Why soften the boiler feed water?

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  In order to ensure the safe and economic operation of the boiler, the boiler feed water must be softened and deoxidized. So, why should boiler feed water soften? Let's learn about it!

  Boiler steel plate and pipeline are burned due to overheating. If there is scale in the boiler, it is necessary to maintain a certain output (working pressure and evaporation), which can only increase the temperature at the fire side. Therefore, the thicker the scale is, the worse the thermal conductivity is, and the higher the temperature at the fire side of the boiler.

  When there is scale on the evaporation surface of the boiler, the heat on the fire side cannot be transferred to the water supply side quickly, which will reduce the output of the boiler.

  In order to maintain a certain output of the boiler, it is necessary to increase the temperature of the fire side so as to increase the two heat losses: one is the radiation heat loss; the other is the heat loss of smoke exhaust.


  Due to the different working pressure of the boiler, as well as the thermal conductivity and thickness of scale, the amount of fuel waste is different. Generally speaking, the higher the boiler working pressure, the lower the thermal conductivity of scale, the higher the scale thickness, the greater the fuel waste. The test shows that for the boiler with working pressure of 1.4 MPa, the fuel waste can reach 8% due to the formation of 1 mm thick mixed scale.

  Increase the burden of boiler maintenance, once the boiler plate or pipe scale, it is very difficult to remove, especially due to the scale caused by boiler leakage, cracks, damage, deformation, corrosion and other diseases, not only damage the boiler, but also spend a lot of manpower and material resources to repair. In this way, not only shorten the operation cycle, affect the work efficiency, but also increase the maintenance cost.

  According to the early tradition, for the boiler water without softening treatment, the treatment measures are chemical cleaning, increasing the number of chemical cleaning, causing damage to the boiler, reducing the service life of the boiler and increasing the safety risks. It is not difficult to see from the data of many accidents in the boiler industry that the proportion of boiler accidents caused by scale is quite high, which is more than 20% in most provinces and cities. This not only causes equipment loss, but also threatens personal safety. Therefore, water should be softened before using boiler.

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