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How to adjust the air of electric hot water boiler?

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  How to adjust the air of electric hot water boiler? Let's have a look at it!

  Air oil conditioning principle of electric hot water boiler: the cam organization of energy-saving and environmental protection electric hot water boiler is driven by servo motor, which makes it rotate clockwise to the fire direction. In this way, the tension spring band can be adjusted, the damper connecting piece of air door can be agitated, and the air door can be opened as the front blowing. In the late stage of the front purge, the servo motor drives the cam disc to open the oil volume regulating valve, so that the damper plate is turned to the burning load direction. In this direction, the oil volume regulator is fully opened, which indicates that as long as a small part of the oil is atomized in the nozzle, most of the oil returns to the oil tank through the return pipe.


  Oil quantity adjustment of electric hot water boiler: use hexagon wrench to roll hexagon screw to make steel plate protrude or concave, then lift oil regulator through steel plate, and then reach the purpose of oil adjustment. Air and oil adjustment should be carried out properly. Electric hot water boiler is more and more widely used.

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