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[boiler price] what should be paid attention to when the boiler operates at low load?

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         The price of boiler determines the quality of boiler. So, in the boiler low load operation should pay attention to what problems? The following boiler price of the small series to introduce.

  1. When the boiler is under low load, the coal with higher volatile content should be used as far as possible. When the volatile matter of coal is low and the combustion is unstable, the ignition oil gun should be used to assist combustion to prevent possible fire extinguishing.

  2. At low load, the burners should be even and the number of burners should not be too small, which is good for stable combustion and preventing abnormal water circulation in some parts.

  3. The speed of load increase and decrease should be slow, and the air volume should be adjusted in time. Pay attention to maintain the stability of the primary air pressure, the primary air volume should be too large. The burner should be put into operation and shut down slowly.


  4. When starting and stopping the pulverizing system and flushing large ash, the stability of combustion will be greatly affected. All posts should cooperate closely and operate carefully and slowly to prevent a large amount of cold air from leaking into the furnace.

  5. It is difficult to ensure the combustion quality of oil when the oil fired boiler is operating at low load. It is necessary to prevent the unburned oil droplets from causing reburning at the tail of flue.

  6. When the boiler is running at low load, the desuperheating water should be used as little as possible (for the Mixed Type Desuperheater), but the desuperheating water valve should not be closed. The possibility of low temperature corrosion increases when the exhaust gas temperature is low. Therefore, the heater or hot air recirculation should be put into operation. If you want to buy the equipment, pay more attention to the boiler price!

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