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What are the methods of Deoxidization for boiler manufacturers?

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   The solubility of any gas in water is related to the partial pressure and water temperature at the gas water interface. So, what are the boiler deoxidization methods? The following boiler manufacturers to introduce the small series!

  1. Heat the water, reduce the solubility of oxygen, and oxygen can escape from the water.

  2. The oxygen molecules above the water surface are eliminated, or converted into other gases. Since there is no oxygen molecule on the water surface, the partial pressure of oxygen is zero, the solubility of oxygen in water is zero, and oxygen in water is constantly escaping.


  3. Before entering the boiler, the dissolved oxygen in the water will be converted into a compound with metal or other agents and consumed completely.

  The commonly used deoxidization methods for boiler feed water by boiler manufacturers include thermal deaeration, vacuum deaeration, desorption deaeration, steel chips and dosing deoxidization, and sponge iron room temperature filtration deoxidization. Boiler manufacturers remind you to regularly check the boiler Oh!

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